The Oregon Trail

Wallowa Lake is a little oasis getaway. It’s filled with mountain views, tall evergreens, and a clear blue lake. This past summer, Stella and I flew to Oregon to shoot a friend’s wedding. It was our first time out there. We landed in Boise, ID and began the trek to Joseph, OR (about a 4 hour drive). Idaho was really dry but eventually we were driving through canyons surrounded by beautiful forests and it started to look as we imagined.

When we arrived at Wallowa Lake, we were swept away by its beauty. We spent the weekend celebrating the wedding with amazing people in a gorgeous landscape. The groom spent his summers here as a kid so this place was really special to him. After spending some time there, I could see why. It was a little haven for families to come and spend quality time together.

One thing that we noted was the quality of the food! We love to eat so we were in food heaven. For being such a small town, the food options are excellent. We ate lots of good food, including at the wedding. Joseph, Oregon did not disappoint.

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