Incredible Iceland

Visiting Iceland is like stepping onto another planet. At first, it gave me this feeling of being REALLY far from home. But it didn’t take long for me to feel a sense familiarity. They drive the way we do, they speak English, and the food is fresh.

I traveled with two of my friends, Chris and Johnny. They are both adventurous so we had no problem finding things to do. We started our journey at Budget rental cars to pick up our ride. It was really convenient with the rental counter being in the airport and not having to take a shuttle. Each day began and ended at the Bus Hostel, which was a great place to socialize and meet other travelers and locals.

I almost want to compare Iceland to a frozen version of Hawaii. It’s an island, it’s volcanic, and the landscape varies quite a bit. But the two places have their own unique ways. The city of Reykjavik is small but packs a punch. You could (and should) spend a few days exploring the city, eating good food, and talking with the locals. Somehow, Dunkin Donuts is a hotspot of Reykjavik and is always busy…

Going to Iceland as it transitions from fall to winter has some advantages. First of all, it wasn’t too cold. It rained on and off but they have a saying in Iceland, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” We found that to be true.  Because of the timing, I was able to check the northern lights off my bucket list. It is captivating to see the lights dancing through the sky (see photos below).

Life just seems different in Iceland. They wake up later and go to bed later. I adopted this lifestyle while I was there and found it to work well. After 6 short days, I fell in love with the beauty of Iceland. I enjoyed my trip so much I’m planning a return trip next year. I can’t wait to experience more!

Iceland-64 Iceland-54Iceland-72 Iceland-61Iceland-73 Iceland-81 Iceland-83 Iceland-89 Iceland-96 Iceland-99 Iceland-41Iceland-28Iceland-40Iceland-38Iceland-39Iceland-35Iceland-26Iceland-22Iceland-15Iceland-6Iceland-103 Iceland-105 Iceland-183Iceland-158Iceland-126Iceland-129Iceland-135Iceland-139Iceland-143Iceland-145Iceland-151Iceland-153Iceland-157Iceland-161Iceland-165Iceland-174Iceland-177Iceland-190

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  1. Beautiful… I wish someday I can have the same experience!


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