First Impressions of Israel

Last year Stella and I went to the National Geographic museum to watch Jerusalem 3D on the big screen. It was so beautifully shot. The film immediately captured our attention and we talked about it for days. The story of three major world religions coexisting in the same city was fascinating. I’ve grown up hearing stories of Jerusalem’s role in history, but this brought it to life for me.

I made it a goal to visit Israel in the future, and not long after that, the opportunity came up. Stella and I packed our bags and set off on the adventure. We visited during a unique holiday in Jerusalem; Passover. This meant many things were closed for the Jewish tradition, but it also meant there was a lot of activity within the Old City walls where people gathered to worship.

As we navigated our way around Jerusalem, we also decided to take advantage of our time in Israel and visit a few other sites. We chose Masada, the Dead Sea, and Tel Aviv; all of which are accessible as a day trip from Jerusalem.


We went to Masada for a sunrise hike (more difficult than expected but still great!) and made it to the top just as the sun peaked over the horizon. Once we enjoyed the view from the top and the sun was high enough, we hiked back down and made our way to the Dead Sea.

I have always been skeptical of floating in the Dead Sea. How could it be that you can’t sink?! Well, I found out that it really works! No effort to float! (pictured below from my phone)


Our final excursion was to Tel Aviv where we really enjoyed being on the coast. We walked miles and miles along the beach path and enjoyed the energy of this city.

All I can say is that Israel is truly a unique place. There is tension, passion, devotion, and progression packaged into one small country. Even just a few days of being there opened my eyes to the complexity of this small piece of land. But a few days is not enough time to see the full picture. I hope some day I’ll have the opportunity to go back and discover more.



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  1. We are lucky to see the world through your photography!

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  2. Sonia Hernandez March 11, 2017 — 5:28 am

    Great pictures! Furthermore, the blog and thoughts are amazing! Thank you for sharing


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