My Home Away from Home | Thailand

In 2008, I took a year from school to live in Thailand through an international volunteer program. My job was to teach basic health education in the hill tribe villages, and document it through video.

I moved around northern Thailand, just outside of Chiang Mai. It’s so beautiful here with the mountains, nature, and kind people. My time in Thailand was some of the most treasured time of my life.


Me as I was nearing the end of my volunteer experience, 2009

DSCF3239Looking back, nothing could have totally prepared me for my time in Thailand, but that’s also part of the reason it was so amazing. It was real, raw, and unscripted. I had lows and highs.






Me back in Thailand for the 1st time since I left, 2012

Thailand will always be my home away from home. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit multiple times since I was there in 2008. Most recently, I was able to bring Stella with me to share new Thailand experiences with her. I’m happy to say that she loved being there too. I still get a warm, nostalgic feel every time I go.


Most recent visit to Thailand, 2016

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